Who invited Billy Graham to church?

Graham, who died Wednesday at the age of 99, credited his conversion to the work of Mordecai Ham, a native of Allen County, Kentucky, and one of the most fiery and controversial evangelists of his generation.

How did Billy Graham come to faith?

According to his autobiography, Graham was 16 in 1934 when he was converted during a series of revival meetings that Ham led in Charlotte. After graduating from Sharon High School in May 1936, Graham attended Bob Jones College. After one semester, he found that the coursework and rules were too legalistic .

How did Billy Graham start his ministry?

Graham began broadcasting his sermons over the radio during a Christian show called Songs in the Night. Once a week he also hosted a program called The Hour of Decision, a program ABC initially transmitted to 150 stations before reaching its peak of 1,200 stations across America.

Where did Billy Graham go to church?

After more than half a century as a member of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, the Rev. Billy Graham has switched his membership to a church closer to his home in the North Carolina mountains. The famed evangelist, 90, was voted in as a member of the First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, S.C., on Sunday. The Rev.

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What was Billy Graham’s net worth?

Celebritynetworth.com reports the preacher was worth approximately $25 million.

Who were Billy Graham’s parents?

Mordecai Ham, an itinerant preacher from Kentucky, who was credited with “saving” Billy Graham, in the autumn of 1934, when Billy was 16.

How old was Ruth Graham when died?

Ruth Graham, Wife of Evangelist, Dies at 87 The wife of the Rev. Billy Graham, has died. Ruth Bell Graham was 87. Born in China, the daughter of a missionary, she married the man who would become the most famous evangelist of his time.

Was Billy Graham Southern Baptist?

Shortly thereafter, Billy Graham was ordained a Southern Baptist. … In most instances, Graham kept a kept a statesmanlike distance from the battles that convulsed the denomination in the late 20th century on whether the Bible was without error and whether women should preach.

What church did Ruth Graham attend?

Despite her husband being one of the world’s most famous Baptists, Graham remained a Presbyterian and often taught Sunday School.