Where does the saying for God’s sake come from?

Originally Answered: What does “for god’s sake” mean? Here in england its an expression, originally derived from back when people believed that everything was about god, although now its just a saying for “I wish that wasnt the case” or similar.

Why do we say for God’s sake?

for God’s, heaven’s, pity’s, etc.

used to emphasize that it is important to do something; used to show that you are annoyed about something: For God’s sake try and control yourself! ♢ Do be careful, for goodness’ sake. ♢ Oh, for heaven’s sake! (Some people find the use of God here offensive.)

Is it wrong to say for God’s sake?

Senior Member. The correct form should be “for God’s sake”, since it is a standard possessive case, i.e. “for the sake of God” (cf. “for heaven’s sake, stop complaining!” and so on).

Where did the phrase for heaven’s sake come from?

“For heaven’s sake” dates at least from the nineteenth century. “For Pete’s sake” appeared in Dialect Notes in 1924. “For pity’s sake” dates from the sixteenth century; Michael Drayton used it in one of his Idea sonnets of 1593: “Rebate thy spleen, if but for pities sake!” See also for the love of Mike/Pete/God.

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What can I say instead of God’s sake?

What is another word for for God’s sake?

for Christ’s sake for crying out loud
for goodness’ sake for heaven’s sake
for Pete’s sake for Goddess’s sake
for pity’s sake oh no
honestly Christ almighty

What does the phrase for crying out loud mean?

Definition of for crying out loud

—used to show anger, annoyance, etc. … It’s my house, for crying out loud!

What does it mean for old times sake?

Definition of for old times’ sake

: in order to experience again something one did in the past He and his old friends from college went back to the bar for old times’ sake.

Is heaven’s sake capitalized?

In this specific instance, God is a proper noun, referring to a specific supernatural being, and sake belongs to God, requiring than an apostrophe to show possession. So for Heaven’s sake, start capitalizing and punctuating this phrase correctly!