Quick Answer: Who wrote under the feet of Jesus?

Who published under the feet of Jesus?

Under the Feet of Jesus (novel)

First edition
Author Helena Maria Viramontes
Genre Fiction
Published 1995
Publisher Plume

When was under the feet of Jesus written?

Published in 1995, Helena Maria Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus, a coming-of-age story about a young girl in a family of migrant laborers, is a classic novel of Chicano/a Literature.

What does the title under the feet of Jesus mean?

The title of the book refers to birth certificates and other important documents kept in a portable statue of Jesus that moves with the family to each new location along the agricultural production cycle.

Who is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

Inside the house, Petra worries about the consequences of the clinic incident. She sees Perfecto standing by the car, and she senses what he is thinking. She goes inside to make an offering of candles and incense at the altar. Beneath the feet of the Jesus statue is an envelope.

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How does under the feet of Jesus end?

At the end of Under the Feet of Jesus, Alejo is taken to the hospital by Estrella because he has been sprayed with insecticide while he was picking apples to sell. As a result of this (or perhaps I should say “in addition to this”), Alejo’s sickness gets so much worse!

How long is under the feet of Jesus?

Product details

Listening Length 4 hours and 36 minutes
Language English
Best Sellers Rank #57,963 in Audible Books & Originals (See Top 100 in Audible Books & Originals) #40 in Contemporary Fiction (Audible Books & Originals) #66 in Latino American Literature #412 in Hispanic American Literature & Fiction

What happened to Alejo in under the feet of Jesus?

Despite his optimism, Alejo is seriously injured after getting caught in a pesticide spray and becomes reliant on Estrella and Petra for care; by the end of the novel, his condition has deteriorated so much that they are forced to leave him at the hospital, not knowing if he will live or die.

Where does Estrella live in under the feet of Jesus?

At the beginning of the novel, Estrella and her family make their temporary home in an abandoned bungalow which is situated next to a large and empty barn. Estrella and her siblings are both intrigued and frightened by it, and Perfecto brusquely warns them to stay away from the unstable structure.

Why is under the feet of Jesus written in 3rd person?

The third-person omniscient point-of-view that Viramontes employs allows the reader to understand the sentiments of multiple characters, thus creating a more personal connection to the excerpt.

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Who is the main character in under the feet of Jesus?

Because the family has no money to buy gasoline to transport Alejo to the hospital 20 miles away, Estrella threatens the nurse with a crowbar and takes back their money. They bring Alejo to the hospital and leave him there to be cared for by the doctors. Discussion Questions: 1.

How old is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

The novel’s protagonist, a thirteen-year-old girl and the oldest daughter in a family of Latino migrant workers. Stonily suspicious of outsiders, she’s gentle and nurturing towards those she considers family.

What kind of person is Estrella?

Personality. Estrella has a personality that is similar to her daughter, however, she is much more outspoken than Rosalina. She is very wise, mature, kind, motherly, regal, and a very elegant character.