Your question: When was the Church of Pergamum founded?

Pergamon had been founded in the Hellenistic period, ca. 280 BCE, as the capital city of local dynastic kings known at the Attalids.

Who founded the Church of Pergamum?

According to Christian tradition, in the year 92 Saint Antipas, the first bishop of Pergamum ordained by John the Apostle, was a victim of an early clash between Serapis worshippers and Christians.

What was the Church of Pergamum?

Today we will be looking at the church of Pergamum. At the time, Pergamum was a center of Roman emperor worship, and those in power demanded allegiance to worshiping a god-like emperor. There was a large throne-like altar built on a cliff that overlooked the city. It was for the Greek god Zeus.

What does the name Pergamum mean?

noun. an ancient Greek kingdom on the coast of Asia Minor: later a Roman province. the ancient capital of this kingdom; now the site of Bergama, in W Turkey. ancient name of Bergama.

What was Pergamum known for?

During the first and second centuries CE, Pergamon was also famous for its extensive hospital and healing sanctuary dedicated to the god Asclepius. It stood over half a mile from the acropolis and the main portions of the city, to which it was attached by a paved and colonnaded processional way.

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Is Pergamon a Troy?

In his book, John Crowe provides evidence that the Plain of Troy really did exist, and was not a myth. He argues that the Ancient Greek city of Pergamon must have been the location of the Trojan plain, and therefore the city of Troy could be at Bergama.

What happened to the church at Thyatira?

The problem in Thyatira was that the church was mislead by an immoral prophetess. … While this prophetess refused to repent and would suffer the consequences, those who had sinned with her were given time to repent before they too would face punishment.

What was the doctrine of the nicolaitans?

Blunt holds that the Nicolaitans either believed that the command against ritual sex was part of the Mosaic law (from which they had been freed by Jesus Christ) and it was licit for them, or that they went too far during Christian “love-feasts”.

What does the word pergamos mean in the Bible?

Pergamos. the citadel of Troy, a name frequently given by the poets to the city itself.

What is Pergamum in the Aeneid?

Pergamus or Pergamos (Ancient Greek: Πέργαμος), or Pergamia or Pergamea, was a town of ancient Crete, to which a mythical origin was ascribed. … The site of Pergamus is tentatively located near modern Ag. Eirini, Grimbiliana.

What is Antipas in the Bible?

Saint Antipas is invoked for relief from toothache, and diseases of the teeth. … On the calendars of Eastern Christianity, the feast day of Antipas is April 11.

How does Rome end up in control of Pergamum?

Pergamon Handed to Rome

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During the time of Attalus III (r. 138-133 BCE), Pergamon was handed over to the Roman republic to be fully managed by the Roman people and the kingdom was transformed into the Roman province of Asia with Pergamon as its initial capital.

Where is the Altar of Pergamon today?

The Pergamon Altar is today the most famous item in the Berlin Collection of Classical Antiquities, which is on display in the Pergamon Museum and in the Altes Museum, both of which are on Berlin’s Museum Island.