Your question: Does Cody Christian play in 13 Reasons Why?

What does Cody Christian play in?

He is known for his recurring role as Mike Montgomery in the ABC Family/Freeform series Pretty Little Liars, and for his role as Theo Raeken from the fifth and sixth seasons of the MTV series Teen Wolf. He currently stars as Asher Adams, a high school football player, in the CW Network’s All American.

Who is Cody Christian in 2021?

If you check out Cody Christian’s Instagram page, it becomes clear very quickly that he is in a relationship with a young woman named Alexandra Swift.

Was Cody Christian in GREY’s anatomy?

“Grey’s Anatomy” State of Love and Trust (TV Episode 2010) – Cody Christian as Brad – IMDb.

Does Cody Christian only have one arm?

Cody Christian on playing MMA fighter Nick Newell, who was born with a partial left arm. Cody Christian stars in “Notorious Nick” in theaters and on demand starting Aug. 6.

Who is Cody Christian’s best friend?

Cody’s best friend is actress, singer, and model Laura Marano, with whom he has been friends since childhood, and whom he worked with on Back To You.

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