Why is self care important for Christians?

What does God say about self care?

Seek First the Kingdom of God. Matthew 6: 25-34 is a powerful passage for those who struggle with anxiety. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.

How did Jesus practice self care?


  1. BUILDING COMMUNITY. Life is not meant to be lived on our own, but to be daily encouraged by one another. …
  2. PRACTICING GRATITUDE. Gratitude is a practice, not a character trait. …

Why is self-care important?

Why is Self-Care Important? … Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

What self-care means?

WHO defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”.

What is the difference between self-care and soul care?

Self-care is a way to care for yourself that is centered around you, where soul care is a way to care for yourself that is centered around Christ.

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How is self-care an ethical issue?

In fact, self-care is an ethical obligation to maintain our competence as psychologists. Caring for ourselves as well as others is an inherently integrated and reciprocal process. … So as a therapist, don’t forget to ask “What about me?” Issues that can challenge self-care include: Balancing our own and clients’ needs.

What does Bible say about caring for others?

“Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to each other, in the same way God forgave you in Christ.” The Good News: God models the best behavior for you to replicate. Kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for all. Do as God says and does, and you will be looked on favorably.

Why is self-care important during Covid 19?

You also could feel helpless, discouraged and, occasionally, out of control. Physical responses may include headache, muscle tension, fatigue and sleeplessness. Taking care of yourself is important so you are equipped to help your family through this time.

How can self-care improve your life?

Self-care, which includes nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise, helps keep a person happy, healthy, and resilient. … Things like taking a trip or simply getting outside can contribute to lowering one’s stress level and increasing life satisfaction.

What are examples of self-care?

Physical Self-Care Examples:

  • Eat a healthy meal.
  • Engage in exercise.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Drink water.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene (click here for more information)
  • Have a cup of tea.
  • Sit in the sunlight.
  • Take a shower or bath.