Who wrote there was Jesus sung by Zach Williams?

Who wrote there was Jesus?

“So ‘There Was Jesus’ is a song that’s really just about the reflection. I’m looking back 20 years ago where I had no idea that God was in the moment, that He was even with me through some of the things I had going on in my life. Looking back now I can see that He had His hand in everything I was doing.

Who wrote the song rescue story?

Zach knew the moment they finished writing the song he wanted to see if Dolly would consider singing it with him. His team got to work and sent the song to Dolly’s manager. She loved it, and arrangements were made for the duo to meet in the studio a few weeks later to record the song.

Who sings with Zach Williams on there was Jesus?

Zak Williams, son of the late Robin Williams, is honoring his father on the seventh anniversary of his death. The mental health advocate wrote a touching tribute to the actor and comedian, who died by suicide in 2014, at age 63.

Was Zach Williams in a rock band?

Background. “Chain Breaker” was written by Williams together with Jonathan Smith and Mia Fieldes. It was one of the first songs he and Jonathan Smith wrote together. When Smith played it for the staff at Provident, they wanted to sign him right away.

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What is the story behind Zach Williams song there was Jesus?

About the song’s inspiration, Williams said the song is about “looking back at 20 years ago when I had no idea that God was in the moment, that He was even with me through some of the hard things that have gone on in my life.

What age is Dolly Parton?

The couple has been married for over 55 years. Though Dolly Parton, 75, is responsible for penning some of the greatest love songs of all time, including the 1973 hit, “I Will Always Love You,” Parton and her husband Carl Thomas Dean, 79, keep their relationship extremely private.

Is Dolly Parton singing with Zach Williams?

Dolly Parton Celebrates Grammy Win for Chart-Topping Christian Duet With Zach Williams, “There Was Jesus” “I am very humbled but proud.”

Why did Zach Williams wrote rescue story?

Based on his own life story, Grammy-winner Zach Williams’ powerful “Rescue Story” is a reflection of where Williams’ life was 20 years ago to now; singing about the moments and places that he didn’t even realize God was involved.

What does Zach Williams believe?

After the breakup, Williams turned to religion, becoming the worship leader of the Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro in 2014. He continued to work on music, now singing inspirational songs. In 2016, he signed with Provident’s Essential imprint and released “Chain Breaker,” which became a Christian hit.

Is there a movie about Zach Williams?

I wanted to share with you the trailer for a new movie called OVERCOMER. My song, “Fear Is A Liar” will be… Look for it in on the big screen throughout the spring and summer, and then see OVERCOMER in theaters nationwide beginning August 23! …

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