Who sang Livin on a Prayer 1986?

What is Bon Jovi’s most famous song?

It’s undeniable that “Livin’ on a Prayer” is Bon Jovi’s biggest hit, but the larger-than-life rock classic became a symbol of an entire decade and a multi-generational anthem.

Who Covered Living on a Prayer?


Title Performer Release date
Livin’ on a Prayer Bon Jovi 1986
Livin’ on a Prayer Bliss Team 1993
Livin’ on a Prayer Victor & Co. 1994
Wanted Dead or Alive – Livin’ on a Pray… Dusty Cowshit 1995

Did Bon Jovi wrote Livin on a prayer?

Girl Talk’s ‘The Feeling’ sample of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ | WhoSampled.

What song did Bon Jovi wrote for his wife?

Bed of Roses is from Bon Jovi’s fifth studio album Keep the Faith (1992). It is one of the band’s most famous ballads. When asked which song Jon wrote for his wife Dorothea, he answers Bed of Roses.

Why did Bon Jovi break up?

Sambora publicly struggled with substance abuse problems for years and abruptly left the band in 2013. … Sambora pushed back against comments from Bon Jovi earlier this year, when he told the German outlet Rock Antenne that he “didn’t have his life together.”

Who has covered Bon Jovi songs?

Artists covered by Bon Jovi

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Jon Bon Jovi 588
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes 104
John Fogerty 93
Leonard Cohen 64
Richie Sambora 61

Who wrote I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi?

I’ll Be There For You/Композиторы

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