When was under the feet of Jesus published?

When was under the feet of Jesus written?

Published in 1995, Helena Maria Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus, a coming-of-age story about a young girl in a family of migrant laborers, is a classic novel of Chicano/a Literature.

What is the theme of Under the Feet of Jesus?

Under the Feet of Jesus chronicles a Latino family’s struggle to escape poverty and establish a secure life. In particular, the novel focuses on the challenges of motherhood amid the abysmal working conditions that prevail for migrant workers.

How old is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

The novel’s protagonist, a thirteen-year-old girl and the oldest daughter in a family of Latino migrant workers. Stonily suspicious of outsiders, she’s gentle and nurturing towards those she considers family.

What is located under the feet of Jesus?

Petra, looking under the feet of a Jesus statue, sees the birth certificates of her five children, and the marriage certificate from when she married her husband in Santa Ana. She views these documents as proof against immigration if anyone tries to wrongly deport her children.

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How old is Alejo in under the feet of Jesus?

A motherless sixteen-year-old laborer and Estrella’s love interest. Alejo has come from Texas with his cousin, Gumecindo, to work the fields in California. Industrious and clever, Alejo longs to go to school and study geology. He admires Estrella and is almost obsessive in his pursual of her.

What happened to Alejo in under the feet of Jesus?

Despite his optimism, Alejo is seriously injured after getting caught in a pesticide spray and becomes reliant on Estrella and Petra for care; by the end of the novel, his condition has deteriorated so much that they are forced to leave him at the hospital, not knowing if he will live or die.

What does Petra keep under the feet of Jesus?

Inside the house, Petra worries about the consequences of the clinic incident. She sees Perfecto standing by the car, and she senses what he is thinking. She goes inside to make an offering of candles and incense at the altar. Beneath the feet of the Jesus statue is an envelope.

Who is Petra in under the feet of Jesus?

The author states “ when Estrella first came upon Perfecto’s red tool chest like a suitcase near the door, she became very angry.” “ she opened the tool chest and all that jumbled steel inside the box, the iron bars, and things with handles, the funny shaped objects seemed as confusing and as foreign as the alphabet …

What happens to Estrella at the end of Under the Feet of Jesus?

During the commotion, Estrella steps outside. Ignoring Petra’s warnings, she makes her way to the mysterious barn and climbs up onto the roof. As the story ends, Estrella sits beneath the starry sky and feels the power of her own heart.

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What kind of person is Estrella?

Personality. Estrella has a personality that is similar to her daughter, however, she is much more outspoken than Rosalina. She is very wise, mature, kind, motherly, regal, and a very elegant character.