What is a PYX in the Catholic Church?

pyx, in Christianity, vessel containing the consecrated bread used in the service of Holy Communion. … Changes in the liturgy of the church led to the pyx being placed upon a stand; this form is probably the predecessor of the monstrance, a vessel in which the host is exposed.

What does the pyx do?

A pyx or pix (Latin: pyxis, transliteration of Greek: πυξίς, boxwood receptacle, from πύξος, box tree) is a small round container used in the Catholic, Old Catholic and Anglican Churches to carry the consecrated host (Eucharist), to the sick or those who are otherwise unable to come to a church in order to receive Holy …

Does a pyx need to be blessed?

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are to not to bless the person, but should offer a very brief prayer of spiritual Communion, such as “May Christ be always in your heart” or “Receive Christ in your heart.” They should refrain from making the Sign of the Cross over the person or using the word “bless” in such …

How many hosts does a pyx hold?

Size: 2.25″ diameter x 0.75″ D. TRAVEL COMMUNION CASE: this small pyx can hold up to 10 hosts, is easy to carry to hospitals, hospices or nursing homes when visiting to give communion to the sick and those unable to go to church.

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What is the container that holds the Eucharist called?

ciborium, plural Ciboria, or Ciboriums, in religious art, any receptacle designed to hold the consecrated Eucharistic bread of the Christian church. The ciborium is usually shaped like a rounded goblet, or chalice, having a dome-shaped cover.

What can be used as a PYX?

pyx, in Christianity, vessel containing the consecrated bread used in the service of Holy Communion. Although pyxes were made in various shapes, such as that of a dove, the most common form was that of a small cylindrical box fitted with a cover, which is generally conical.

What is the difference between a chalice and a ciborium?

The chalice is the cup used to hold the Blood of Christ in the liturgy of the Eucharist and the Paten and Ciborium hold the consecrated hosts – the Body of Christ. The ciborium is typically deeper than a paten (which is the shape of a plate) and has a lid.

Can a Eucharistic ministers give communion to themselves?

b. The EMHC does not give Holy Communion to his or herself when they assist the Priest at Mass. … When the Holy Eucharist has been distributed, the EMHCs are to see to it that all the sacred vessels have been purified.