What episode is Happy Birthday Jesus sorry your party’s so lame?

Episode 22: Happy Birthday, Jesus. Sorry Your Party’s So Lame. – Tis the Podcast.

What episode does Michael Scott say Happy Birthday Jesus?

“Unbelievable. I do the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for these people and they freak-out. Well happy birthday Jesus, sorry your party’s so lame.” – Michael Scott, ‘Christmas Party’, Season Two, Episode 10.

Is 15 bottles of vodka the office?

Michael Scott : [checking out at a liquor store] All right, now, you’re the expert. Is this enough to get 20 people plastered? Clerk : [Seriously considers] Fifteen bottles of vodka? … Michael Scott : Yeah.

How many bottles of vodka did Michael Scott buy?

To make up for ruining the Christmas party, Michael buys 15 bottles of vodka, which results in alcohol-fueled antics, such as Kelly (Mindy Kaling) randomly kissing Dwight, much to the dismay of Angela (Angela Kinsey).

How do you say happy birthday to Jesus Party?

What should I do for Jesus’s birthday?

  1. Bake a Jesus birthday cake or make cupcakes (we make it on Christmas Eve). …
  2. Play Pin the Hay in the Manger while using a blindfold. …
  3. Make a birthday card for Jesus and color with crayons, and put a heart on it.
  4. Buy some fun Jesus birthday hats and streamers.
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How much did Michael spend on vodka?

Michael goes out to buy 15 bottles of vodka for $166.41, the clerk assures him will cause 20 people to get plastered, Jim tries to get the teapot back from Dwight who plans to use it to clear out his nostrils, because he gets sinus infections.

What Jim calls Yankee Swap?

In The Office Season 2 episode, Christmas Party, the office originally plays Secret Santa, but when Michael is unhappy with the gift Phyllis gives him (a homemade oven mitt), he changes the game to Yankee Swap. … Jim: I thought that was called Nasty Christmas. Pam: Yeah, we call it White Elephant.

What was inside Pam’s teapot?

Jim then revealed that the teapot held a bunch of mini gifts. There was a cassette (presumably some type of mixtape), a high school yearbook photo of Jim, a Boggle timer, two hot sauce packets that Pam mistook as ketchup, and a miniature golf pencil which Pam once threw at Jim after losing.

What’s in the teapot Jim gives Pam?

Jim originally left a personalized note for Pam in the teapot (presumably telling her how he felt), but stole it back before she could read it. Much later, when Pam and Jim were having marriage troubles in season nine, Jim finally gave her the note.