What does it mean to be watchful in the Bible?

What is be watchful?

watchful, vigilant, wide-awake, alert mean being on the lookout especially for danger or opportunity. watchful is the least explicit term. the watchful eye of the department supervisor vigilant suggests intense, unremitting, wary watchfulness.

What does it mean to be watchful in Colossians 4 2?

Paul also says to be watchful in prayer. This is a word for being alert. Peter instructs Christians to be alert for their enemy the devil prowls around seeking whom he might devour. Paul says in other places to be watchful, so the day of the Lord Jesus doesn’t take you by surprise.

What does it mean to be vigilant in the Bible?

: alertly watchful especially to avoid danger.

How do you watch in prayer?

Watch Prayerfully for the Prayer to Pray

Another way to watch in prayer is to pray silently as you have a conversation with another person. As you listen to the other person, you watch (listen) for the needs of that person and silently pray for that person as you listen.

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What is the sentence of watchful?

Watchful sentence example. It wouldn’t hurt to be watchful , though. He was carefully educated by excellent tutors under the watchful eyes of his parents. But he continued to keep a watchful eye over the Baltic, and in 1170 destroyed another pirate stronghold, farther eastward, at Dievenow on the isle of Wollin.

What does it mean to look out for someone?

(look out for someone) to take care of someone and make sure that they are treated well. I’m the oldest, and I always look out for my younger sisters. Synonyms and related words.

What does it mean to be devoted in prayer?

English Language Learners Definition of devotion

: a feeling of strong love or loyalty : the quality of being devoted. : the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose. : prayer, worship, or other religious activities that are done in private rather than in a religious service.

What does Colossians 4 verse 5 mean?

In verse 5, the apostle says, “Conduct yourselves wisely toward outsiders, making the best use of time.” By “outsiders” Paul means literally those “with out.” In Ephesians 2, Paul tells Christians, “Remember at one time you were separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the …

Why are we encouraged to pray without ceasing?

We pray without ceasing. … So, adoration for God can enable you to be continuously aware of His presence, creating a desire to punctuate your days, hours and minutes with the communion and fellowship of prayer.

How do people become vigilant?

Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Avoid distractions when out in public places. Minimize cell phone use, reduce your music volume, and look around while traveling in busy areas. Don’t keep your head down. Be sure to look around often.

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What is the importance of being vigilant?

Conversely, staying constantly vigilant makes life much easier for you. You avoid self-created problems, which allows you to focus on things you enjoy, you have more money to spend on things that you love or that you need, you have less stress and more happiness. You accomplish more by staying constantly vigilant.

What does the word sober mean in the Bible?

But the other word translated as “sober” in English is the Greek word “sophron” and it refers not to an absence of intoxicating substances, but instead denotes the presence of a soundness of thought.

When a man slept his enemy came?

In Matthew 13:24-30, Jesus speaks a parable of the wheat and the tares. The Scripture states, “Another parable put He forth unto them, saying, The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a Man which sowed good seed in the field. But while men slept, His enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

What I say to one I say to all?

5 Therefore, what I say unto one I say unto all: aWatch, for the badversary cspreadeth his dominions, and ddarkness reigneth; 6 And the anger of God kindleth against the inhabitants of the earth; and anone doeth good, for all have gone out of the bway.