Quick Answer: Is Christian Brothers Automotive religious?

Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owners get to live their faith in their business. … Christian Brothers is a highly rated, faith-based, automotive franchise with a unique financial model.

Is Christian Brothers Automotive trustworthy?

They did it with honesty and class. They have excellent personnel and excellent technicians. I would highly recommend Christian Brothers Automotive. Please Don’t give up, they’re still good people out there doing excellent work!”

What is Christian Brothers Automotive?

At Christian Brothers Automotive, our mission is simple: to create an uncommonly great experience for customers in need of auto service and repair. Since 1982, that’s exactly what our team of auto repair professionals has been doing at facilities all over the country.

How did Christian Brothers get their name?

This friend was an automotive technician that was looking to start an automotive repair shop. And he needed help. They went on to name their new company Christian Brothers Automotive (inspired by the circumstances of their first meeting) the following year.

How many employees does Christian Brothers Automotive have?

Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation has 15 total employees across all of its locations and generates $15.31 million in sales (USD).

Where do Catholic brothers live?

The brothers live in community with the priests as equals in Augustinian life. They work in the apostolates of the Province alongside the priests.

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What is the difference between a monk and a brother?

As nouns the difference between brother and monk

is that brother is son of the same parents as another person while monk is a male member of a monastic order who has devoted his life for religious service.