Quick Answer: How is Epiphany celebrated in other countries?

What countries celebrate Epiphany?

Epiphany is a public holiday in countries such as Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, Ethiopia (but on different date that varies annually), parts of Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, and Uruguay.

How is Epiphany celebrated in Europe?

Epiphany Customs in Europe. France celebrates Epiphany in an edible way. For several days from Christmas until the Feast of Epiphany, the French line up at bakeries to buy the “galette des rois” – the “Cake of Kings.” They bring these to dinner parties and enjoy them as snacks and with mid-afternoon tea.

How is Three Kings Day celebrated in different countries?

From Spain and France to Chile and Mexico, millions of people celebrate the three Kings Day with a variety of traditions, rituals and symbols, marking the end of the “12 Days of Christmas.” Across Latin America and Europe this day will be filled with festivities, parades, dancing, costumes, and floats some of which …

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How is Epiphany celebrated in USA?

Although it is not a public holiday in other parts of the United States, many Christians take part in Epiphany activities such as: Star processionals on the Sunday closest to January 6 for church services. Parties or get-togethers to clean up homes after the festive season and put away Christmas decorations.

How is Epiphany celebrated in France?

The Epiphanny is celebrated on January 6th. … In France, the “Fêtes des rois”, or Kings Day is mostly celebrated with a very special kind of dessert. This dessert is called “La Galette des Rois” or King’s Cake. The Epiphany is also the beginning of Carnaval season.

How is Epiphany celebrated in Greece?

On Epiphany, the Greek Orthodox Church performs the ‘Great Blessing of the Waters’. This ceremony is usually performed twice, once on the eve of Epiphany which is performed in the church, and then again on the actual day outdoors with priests blessing large bodies of water, sea, rivers, lakes etc.

How is the Epiphany celebrated in Italy?

The people of Florence also celebrate the Epiphany with the annual Cavalcade of the Magi, a re-enactment of the arrival of the Magi (Three Wise Men) while in Montescaglioso, in the Matera region in Southern Italy, figures dressed in black, with big bushy beards, parade through the streets on 5 January with lighted …

What is celebrated on January 6th in Mexico?

Every January 6 we celebrate in Mexico the so-called Three Kings Day where the children wake up very early in the morning and run to open the gifts that the Three Kings of the East have left at the Christmas tree or near the representation of the Nativity.

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What National Day is January 6th?

Each year on January 6th, National Cuddle Up Day encourages us to snuggle up with someone for the health benefits and more! January is typically some of the coldest days of the year, so what better way to stay warm and reap the health benefits of cuddling on National Cuddle Up Day?

How is Epiphany celebrated in Uruguay?


The fifth festival in Uruguay is Epiphany. This is a Christian tradition that takes place on January 6 (12 days after Christmas). In this festival, large families exchange gifts, dress up, sing, dance, and eat large dishes together. This festival also marks the start of the new carnival season in Uruguay.

What’s the Epiphany on January 6th?

What is Epiphany? Epiphany – also known as Three Kings’ Day – is a Christian festival, which starts on 6 January. It is a special date in the Christmas story as it’s when people celebrate how a star led the Magi – also known as the Three kings or the Wise Men – to visit the baby Jesus after he had been born.

How does Spain celebrate Three Kings Day?

Celebrating Three Kings Day in Spain today

On January 5, parades take place throughout the country to celebrate the arrival of the kings. Spanish families line the streets of their hometown to get a glimpse of the cabalgata de los reyes magos, or Three Kings Day parade. These parades are truly a sight to behold!

How is Epiphany celebrated in the Dominican Republic?

Three Kings Day, also known as the Epiphany, is a holiday that carries as much importance as Christmas in the Dominican Republic, with children receiving gifts and adults getting time off to celebrate. … Leading up to the holiday, children write letters to the Kings asking for gifts, much like letters to Santa.

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Is January 6th the 12th day of Christmas?

Twelfth Day is the last day of Christmas season. … Twelfth Day, as its name tells us, is the sixth of January – just twelve days after Christmas Day. Click here to read about the Twelve Days of Christmas. This day is the feast of Epiphany.

Why do Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6th?

Armenian Christmas is a culmination of celebrations of events related to the birth and baptism of Christ. The reason for the different date is that until the fourth century, Christ’s birth was celebrated by all Christian churches celebrated Christ’s birth on January 6th.