Question: What is the antonym of pastor?

What is the antonym of Preach?

What is the opposite of preach?

mumble murmur
mutter babble
stammer stutter
whisper garble
grumble grunt

What is an antonym for priest?

What is the opposite of priest?

layman layperson
secular laic
laity nonbeliever
non-Christian parishioner
priestess member of the congregation

Whats another word for a pastor?

Pastor Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for pastor?

minister preacher
priest cleric
reverend ecclesiastic
vicar churchman
divine parson

What is the opposite of Paster?

Verb. ▲ Opposite of to hit, strike or knock something forcefully. destroy.

Who is a gospeller?

1 : a person who reads or sings the liturgical Gospel. 2 : a person who preaches or propounds a gospel.

Is conflicting The antonym of agreeable?

Yes, conflicting is antonym of agreeable.

Antonyms are refers to the words with opposite meaning.

What is the opposite of mayor?

Antonyms for mayor

follower, employee, worker.

What is a pastor?

A pastor is someone with the authority to lead religious services. Pastors lead church services and help others worship. Pastor is a religious title used mostly in Christian churches. The pastor is a leader within a church who has been ordained and therefore given the authority to conduct religious services.

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What is opposite word?

The word which is a pronoun that means what one? It may also be used to introduce restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What is the difference between a minister and a pastor?

The term “pastor” means an “elder, overseer or shepherd.” 2. The pastor of the Roman Catholic Church is the priest of the parish. … The term “minister” means “preacher.” All pastors can perform the duties of a minister, but not all ministers can act as pastors.

What is the synonym of clergy?

In this page you can discover 66 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for clergy, like: the Church, primate, clerical, ecclesiastical, pulpitarian, deacon, ecclesiastic, ministers, frock, preacher and incumbent.

What is the difference between a pastor and reverend?

According to the dictionary, a pastor is defined as a minister or a priest in charge of a church. He may also be a person giving spiritual care to a group of believers. On the other hand, “reverend” refers to a title or an initial for anyone who is a member of the clergy.