How do you politely decline a church position?

Just be polite, but blunt. Say something like, “I appreciate the offer, and I respect your beliefs, but I don’t believe what you believe, and so I’m really not interested in spending time at your church’s services or activities.” That’s not rude, and it’s not intolerant.

How do you tell someone you don’t want to go to their church?

Say, “ Sorry I don’t feel like going to church.” However it would be good to explore why you dont want to go to church with them.

How do you politely decline a Mormon?

The polite way to decline unwanted visitors is to say “No thanks” or “Sorry, not interested” and close the door. Yes, even if they’re still talking. It’s rude of them to ignore your stated wishes. If you only want reasonable, rather than polite, leave out the “thanks” and the “sorry”.

How do you tell someone you are not interested in religion?

Explain that you are not interested.

Do this politely. Explain that you are not interested in converting to their religion. If you want to, you can tell them what religion/belief you follow, but you don’t have to. For example, you can say, “Thanks for stopping by, but I’m not interested in converting to your religion.

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How do you politely decline a prayer?

For one, you can just express to the other person, “Thank you, but I don’t pray/follow your beliefs/believe in God(s).” If they persist, continue reminding them that you don’t want to pray, until they either get it, or appear to never be willing to stop trying.

How do you tell a Mormon you are not interested?

Just tell your LDS friend, acquaintance, or missionary: “I am a confirmed [whatever], and am not interested in changing.” Or “I respect Mormons, but have my own beliefs, and am not interested in discussing politics or religion.” If they persist, simply say: “I hope you will respect my wishes in this matter.

What do you do when a Mormon comes to your door?

When they show up at your door, ask them their address. Tell them that you would be glad to discuss religion with them, but at THEIR house, at a time of YOUR choosing. Is this a serious question? Mormons don’t want to bother those who aren’t interested.

How do you politely decline a Jehovah Witness?

If you want Jehovah’s Witnesses to go away from your home, answer the door when they arrive because if you ignore them, they are likely to return at another time. After you answer the door, briefly explain that you do not want to talk by saying something like “I’m not interested. Thanks.” Then, gently close the door.

What to say to someone when they say they’ll pray for you?

“I’ll Pray for You”

  • It is a comfort that you will be thinking of me.
  • That’s reassuring, thanks.
  • Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Thank you, it is nice to know that.
  • Thank you for your good wishes.
  • (smiling) Please do. I’m flattered. ( Marvin)
  • Thanks. I appreciate you are keeping me in your thoughts. ( Dustin)
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