How do I get to the priests hole?

Where is the priests hole?

The Priest’s Hole is a cave on the face of Dove Crag which has grown in popularity following the BBC’s Secret Britain programme in 2016 and the programme has increased the number of people attempting to spend the night there.

What is the priest hole in the Lake District?

The Priest’s Hole is one of the best known ‘secret’ over night stops in the Lake District. Often described as a cave, this overhang on the side of the crag helps to shield visitors from weather blowing across the top of the fells whilst a dry stone wall provides additional protection from the elements in front.

What is a secret priest hole?

Priest holes were concealed spots created especially for priests, so they could hide away safely during a time when Catholics were persecuted. Under Queen Elizabeth I, priests were often imprisoned, tortured and even killed. Priest holes were specially disguised within a house to baffle search parties.

Where is woof cave?

Back in the wintry Lake District for the second time in a month! This time we were on the search for Woof Cave, a secret little refuge built into a cliff face somewhere in the Langstrath Valley.

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