Frequent question: Is John the Apostle the same as John of Patmos?

The LDS Church teaches that John the Apostle is the same person as John the Evangelist, John of Patmos, and the Beloved Disciple.

Is the Apostle John and John of Patmos the same person?

The traditional view holds that John of Patmos is identical with John the Apostle who is believed to have written both the Gospel of John and epistles of John. He was exiled to the island Patmos in the Aegean archipelago during the reign of Emperor Domitian or Nero, and wrote the Book of Revelation there.

Are John the Apostle and John the Revelator the same?

One of the Apostles of the Lord who is well known for the revelations he recorded is John the Revelator, also known as John the Beloved. … Both became Apostles. As such, John was a witness of Jesus Christ. He was at Gethsemane and at the Savior’s crucifixion.

Are there two Johns in the New Testament?

That is the Anglicized version of the Jewish names. Aside from that, John the Apostle, John the Revelator, John Mark, John the Baptist, John the relative of Annas the High Priest. But there is one “John” that people typically leave out — Judah. Yes, Judah, one of the sons of Jacob, was a John.

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Are there two books of John in the Bible?

The Second Epistle of John, often referred to as Second John and often written 2 John or II John, is a book of the New Testament attributed to John the Evangelist, traditionally thought to be the author of the other two epistles of John, and the Gospel of John (though this is disputed).

What happened to John of Patmos?

John Probably Died in Exile in Patmos

Afterwards, John was sent into exile to work as a slave in the mines of Patmos. While on Patmos, John had the vision that resulted in him writing the book of Revelation. … He died peacefully sometime after AD 98 and was the only apostle to not die a violent death.

Why did John go to the island of Patmos?

In the opening lines of that account, John refers to himself as “your brother, and companion in tribulation” and says he was “in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Rev. 1:9.) Apparently John had been sent to the island because of his testimony.

Who is John the Revelator?

John the Revelator (also known as John of Patmos) is a character in religious History that is referenced in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER. John is the attributed author of the Book of Revelation and was the owner of an ancient sword known as the Sword of John the Revelator.

Where is Patmos Island?

Patmos is situated off the west coast of Turkey and the continent of Asia. It is one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese complex. It is further west than its nearby neighboring islands. It contains an area of 34.05 km2 (13.15 sq mi).

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Is John the Revelator still alive?

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