Best answer: What was the principal architectural feature of the Eastern Orthodox churches?

Domes. The most distinctive characteristic of Eastern churches is their use of domes, instead of steeples. This can be seen in many Eastern Catholic churches, but they have become a defining feature of many Eastern Orthodox churches. There are several explanations of what these domes mean.

What was the principal feature of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Essentially the Orthodox Church shares much with the other Christian Churches in the belief that God revealed himself in Jesus Christ, and a belief in the incarnation of Christ, his crucifixion and resurrection. The Orthodox Church differs substantially in the way of life and worship.

What are the features of an Orthodox Church?

The Church building is divided into three main parts: the narthex (vestibule), the nave (the temple proper) and the sanctuary (also called the altar or holy place). A major difference of traditional Orthodox churches from Western churches is the absence of any pews in the nave.

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Which architectural trend characterizes Eastern Orthodox churches?

Which Architectural Trend Characterizes Eastern Orthodox Churches? The architecture of Western Christian countries follows a modernist trend (e.g. As can be seen in several Orthodox cathedrals (e.g., the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral or Notre-Dame du Haut), Orthodox architectural styles remain conservative.

How is the Eastern Orthodox Church structured?

The Eastern Orthodox Church is decentralised, having no central authority, earthly head or a single bishop in a leadership role. … Each patriarch had jurisdiction over bishops in a specified geographic region.

Why are Orthodox churches blue?

Bright red would be worn for Saints Peter and Paul feast, and for the Angels. In Moscow style, on Mount Athos, and at Jerusalem, bright red is worn on Pascha and on the Nativity. Blue is worn for all feasts of the Virgin, Presentation of the Lord, Annunciation, and sometimes on the fifth Friday of Lent (Akathist).

Who started the Orthodox church?

Eastern Orthodox theology is based on holy tradition, which incorporates the dogmatic decrees of the seven ecumenical councils, the Scriptures, and the teaching of the Church Fathers.

Eastern Orthodox Church
Founder Jesus Christ, according to sacred tradition

How would you describe a church architecture?

Though church architecture has taken on many forms and levels of complexity over time, core elements are all still present today. Some of these architectural components include the steeple, portals, apse, and buttresses. Also included are components of style such as crosses and stained glass.

Why do Orthodox churches have domes?

One says that these domes are meant to gather or collect the goodness from Heaven, while another explanation is that they are meant to show the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. The domes also come in different forms.

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How did the Eastern Orthodox Church start?

According to the Eastern Orthodox tradition the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church is traced back to Jesus Christ and the Apostles. The Apostles appointed successors, known as bishops, and they in turn appointed other bishops in a process known as Apostolic succession.

What does gothic architecture look like?

The Gothic style evolved from Romanesque architecture, a medieval aesthetic characterized by arches, vaulted ceilings, and small stained glass windows. … To construct taller, more delicate buildings with thinner walls, Gothic architects employed flying buttresses for support.

What are orthodox doctrines?

orthodox, (from Greek orthodoxos, “of the right opinion”), true doctrine and its adherents as opposed to heterodox or heretical doctrines and their adherents. … Within Judaism, Orthodox Judaism represents a form of religious belief and practice that adheres most strictly to ancient tradition.

What is the doctrine of the Orthodox Church?

Eastern Orthodox Christians believe in a single God who is both three and one (triune); the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, “one in essence and undivided”. … The essence of God being that which is beyond human comprehension and cannot be defined or approached by human understanding.

How many patriarchs are there in the Eastern Orthodox church?

At present there are nine Orthodox patriarchates: Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Moscow, Georgia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Except in the title, there is no difference between a patriarch and any other head of an autocephalous (independent) church.

What are the Orthodox sacraments?

Contemporary Orthodox catechisms and textbooks all affirm that the church recognizes seven mystēria (“sacraments”): baptism, chrismation, Communion, holy orders, penance, anointing of the sick, and marriage.

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Who is the patriarch of Orthodox church?

The current holder of the office is Bartholomew I, the 270th bishop of that see.

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch
Incumbent: Bartholomew I Since 2 November 1991
Style His All Holiness