Best answer: What does vigilant mean in the Bible?

: alertly watchful especially to avoid danger.

What does ever vigilant mean?

ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful.

Who is a vigilant person?

Use vigilant to describe someone who keeps awake and alert in order to avoid danger or problems.

Can you be vigilant of something?

On the alert, as for danger or error; watchful. The definition of vigilant is watchful and alert. … An example of something vigilant is a guard dog.

Do you have to be vigilant?

Someone who is vigilant gives careful attention to a particular problem or situation and concentrates on noticing any danger or trouble that there might be. He warned the public to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.

What is the importance of being vigilant?

Conversely, staying constantly vigilant makes life much easier for you. You avoid self-created problems, which allows you to focus on things you enjoy, you have more money to spend on things that you love or that you need, you have less stress and more happiness. You accomplish more by staying constantly vigilant.

How do people become vigilant?

Having an active lifestyle helps keep us alert and vigilant.

  1. Take healthy diet. Don’t skip Breakfast.
  2. Read or learn something different everyday. Make a hobby.
  3. Exercise is very important. …
  4. Be who you are.
  5. Don’t think too much about what others think about you. …
  6. Always feel good about yourself.
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What word is the best synonym for vigilant?


  • anxious.
  • attentive.
  • aware.
  • cautious.
  • circumspect.
  • keen.
  • observant.
  • wary.

What is a good sentence for the word vigilant?

(1) Life is not all great, keep vigilant! (2) The organization is ever vigilant for threats to the habitats of birds. (3) He warned the public to be vigilant and report anything suspicious. (4) Be extra vigilant about what you eat or drink.

What is the difference between watchful and vigilant?

As adjectives the difference between vigilant and watchful

is that vigilant is watchful, especially for danger or disorder; alert; wary while watchful is observant, vigilant and aware.

What is the stem of vigilant?

Latin vigilant- (stem of vigilāns), present participle of vigilāre to be watchful. See vigil, -ant. 1470–80.

What does vigilant India mean?

It means we have to be aware of our surroundings, we have to take care of each other and be responsible , we have to preserve national history and protect India. Only if we are vigilant, India will flourish and become prosperous, and surpass all other countries in the world.