Best answer: What does Scout notice about the way that Calpurnia talks when she is at church?

What does Scout notice about the way Calpurnia speaks when she is around members of her own community? … Calpurnia explains, “It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike- in the second place, folks don’t like to have somebody around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em.

What do Scout and Jem notice about the way Calpurnia talks when she is among other African Americans at church?

Cal, but you talked like they did in church…” (Lee 167) Jem and Scout both notice that Calpurnia speaks differently around her community members. Calpurnia speaks informally and uses a Southern African American dialect that is typical of that region during the early 1900’s.

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What do the children notice is different between Cal at church and Cal when she is working at their home?

Scout notices the difference in Calpurnia’s speaking: During a visit to Calpurnia’s church, her use of black dialect with her friends makes Scout realize that Calpurnia has a wider life outside the Finch household.

How does Scout feel Calpurnia is different at her own church?

How does Scout feel Calpurnia is different at her own church? Calpurnia uses the blacks’ diction when around them at church even though she has a good education and good grammar. She doesn’t want her “neighbors” to think she is putting on airs. Why has Aunt Alexandra come to Maycomb?

What does Scout learn about Calpurnia in Chapter 12?

What does Scout learn about Calpurnia? Scout learns that Cal leads a double life. She talks and acts like her black friends when she is with them, and she talks and acts like Scout’s family when she is with them. Scout thinks this is interesting and asks to visit Cal at her home one day.

How does Calpurnia affect Scout?

While Calpurnia serves as a positive influence on Scout, teaching her important lessons about empathy, Calpurnia is also a hugely simplified character, particularly with regard to her race and the effects of prejudice on her life.

Why does Calpurnia talk different during church?

Why does Calpurnia talk differently when at her church? She doesn’t want to feel out of place and doesn’t want to aggravate people by talking like she knows more than everyone else. … She asks Calpurnia why she brought white children to a black church and acted like she didn’t want them there.

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What happens when Scout and Jem go to church with Calpurnia?

A New Church

Calpurnia prevails, and when she walks into church with Scout and Jem, people rise to greet them with respect. One woman, however, stops Calpurnia, protesting, ‘You ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun here–they got their church, we got our’n. … Jem protests, explaining they have their own money.

Why does Calpurnia speak differently at her church than she does while working at the Finch’s?

Jem asks Calpurnia why she doesn’t speak with proper grammar around black people, and Calpurnia explains that it would be out of place, and that she would look pretentious. The others don’t want to learn to speak the “right” way, she says, so she speaks their language.

What do Scout and Jem realize about the way Calpurnia is talking when she is at her church Why is this so strange to them how does Calpurnia explain this change to them?

Scout learns that Calpurnia has to change the way she talks to make her seem the same as them. She didn’t want them to think that she thinks she better with them. Scout also learns that the colored church is very poor and didn’t have any hymn-books.

How does Calpurnia seem different at times and has a double life of sorts?

When she takes the kids to church with her they are able to see Calpurnia as a hostess. … Furthermore, Calpurnia even speaks a different dialect in this particular world. This is really what makes Scout feel that Calpurnia leads a double life.

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Why does Calpurnia act differently around her friends?

Around the Finch family, Calpurnia uses more formal language. Scout thinks that Calpurnia should always speak the way she does around her and her family. She tells Calpurnia that she knows better and should not speak differently at church. Calpurnia notes that it is a difficult situation to be in.

What lessons does Scout learn from Calpurnia?

After making fun of him for it, Calpurnia teaches Scout an important lesson on manners when she says that it “Don’t matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house’s yo’ comp’ny” (Lee 25). Calpurnia shows her understanding of manners and the differences between the Finches and the Cunninghams…show more content…

What did Calpurnia teach Scout?

Calpurnia teaches her an important lesson in tolerance, kindness, respect for others, and good manners.

What change does Calpurnia make in the way she addresses 12 year old Jem?

What change does Calpurnia make in the way she addresses 12-year-old Jem? Calpurnia begins to call him “Mister Jem.” What does Calpurnia permit Scout to do that she had not permitted before? Calpurnia allows Scout to come into the kitchen to visit.