Are people still buried at Trinity Church?

It was established in 1766. Both of these churchyards are closed to new burials. Trinity’s third place of burial, Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, located in Hamilton Heights in Upper Manhattan, is one of the only active burial sites in Manhattan.

Who is buried inside Trinity Church?

Alexander Hamilton & Eliza Schuyler

Hamilton was ferried back to Greenwich Village where he died; he was buried in the Trinity Churchyard Cemetery in Manhattan. Hamilton’s wife, Elizabeth Schuyler, lived another 50 years until the age of 97.

Is Eliza buried next to Alexander Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton was buried in the graveyard of Trinity Church, likely near his oldest son Philip, who was killed in a duel in 1801 on the same spot where his father was mortally wounded. Hamilton’s wife Eliza, who outlived her beloved husband by fifty years, rests next to him in the Trinity Churchyard.

Where are Hamilton and Eliza buried?

This burial ground has been the final resting place for many historic figures since the Churchyard cemetery opened in 1697. Alexander Hamilton is laid to rest at Trinity Church, as well as his wife Eliza Hamilton. Robert Fulton, inventor of the steam boat is also buried here. …

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Where was Aaron Burr buried?

Aaron Burr (1756-1836), arguably one of American history’s most infamous figures, is buried at this spot in Princeton Cemetery.

Where are the Schuyler sisters buried?

Angelica Schuyler died on March 13, 1814 at age 58. As explained in Hamilton, she was buried in New York City’s Trinity Church Cemetery alongside both her sister Eliza and brother-in-law Alexander.

Is Hamilton actually buried at Trinity Church?


The first, Trinity Churchyard, is located in Lower Manhattan at 74 Trinity Place, near Wall Street and Broadway. Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler Church, Hercules Mulligan, and Philip Hamilton are buried in the downtown Trinity Churchyard.

Who did Angelica Schuyler marry?

They took pictures and placed white roses on the grave, ceasing all conversation to read Hamilton’s epitaph: The Patriot of incorruptible integrity. The soldier of approved valour. The statesman of consummate wisdom.

Was dueling legal when Hamilton died?

What is known, is that Hamilton traveled across the Hudson River to Weehawken early on the morning of July 11. New Jersey was chosen as the location because even though dueling was illegal there, officials were less likely to prosecute duelists than in New York.

Is Alexander Hamilton buried?

Hamilton, however, has been pretty easy to find: For more than two centuries, he’s been resting at the Trinity Church cemetery at Broadway and Wall Street in Manhattan. And George Washington’s right-hand man had quite a few visitors—especially the day of his funeral.

What happened to Aaron Burr?

When Burr died, he was partially paralyzed.

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In his final years, Burr was financially dependent on his friends, and he suffered multiple strokes that ultimately left him partially paralyzed. He finally died in September 1836 at the age of 80 in the care of a cousin on Staten Island, New York.

Are there any burial plots left in Manhattan?

There are only 11 cemeteries remaining in all of Manhattan, and only one, the New York Marble Cemetery, has sold burial plots to the public – just two — in the recent past. … The Village and East Village, which were once country north of New York City, have more than their fair share of former burial grounds.