Will God forgive me if I break a promise?

Is it a sin to break a promise to God?

Originally Answered: Is breaking promise a sin? Yes it is a sin to break a promise. To break a promise to God or to men will result in grave consequences. Breaking a promise to God: If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word.

Can you be forgiven if you break a promise to God?

Originally Answered: What happens if I break a promise to God? God too will forgive. But if you continue to break promises as a habit, god will not like it and then you will feel bad. So try not to break promises.

What happens if u break your promise?

It not only disappoints the person we’ve promised, but it also erodes bits of our self-esteem, too. Brain research shows that breaking promises actually registers in our brain activity, showing up as emotional conflict for the promise breaker as a result of suppressing their honesty. Of course, things happen.

Can you take back a promise to God?

Originally Answered: Can I take back promise I made to God?or modify the promise I made? You can do anything with God as long as you trust Him and hope that He will forgive you. Allah , Arabic word for God, mentions in Quran that He made mercy obligatory to Himself.

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What happens if u swear to God?

Nothing happens. No magic bond occurs when you say you swear to god… It only means something if you believe it means something.

How do you forgive a broken promise?

Here are ways that you can express your forgiveness: Tell the person that you forgive them. Call the person up or ask to meet with her in person. Take the opportunity to tell her that you are no longer holding a grudge and that you forgive her for breaking the promise.

How do you apologize for breaking a promise?

According to Lazare, an apology must acknowledge the broken promise, provide an explanation for your behavior, express remorse and offer a form of restitution for your actions.