Why was the priest weary in Ballad of Father Gilligan?

Why was the priest weary throughout?

The old priest was wearied and tired because he worked day and night. In his village, people called the Father Gilligan when someone died or was sick. While performing these rites, day and night, Father Gilligan became weary and tired. Father was tired physically also when he said “God forgive!

Why was Gilligan’s father weary?

(a) Why was Father Gillian weary throughout? Answer: The old Father Gilligan was overburdened by his religious duties and was extremely weary and exhausted. His poor folks were dying in large numbers so, he had to not only give the last communion to them but also conduct funeral services for them.

Why was the old priest weary day and night?

Answer: The old priest was weary day and night because people called him when someone died or either they were ill.

Why did the priest Peter Gilligan sway to and fro in grief?

Father Gilligan grieves at the beginning of the poem because he is old, tired, and overworked. He has, it seems, had a long and tiring day. … He repents because he knows that his job is to try to give comfort to other people — sort of as God gives him comfort in the rest of the poem.

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What was Father Gilligan complaint?

The old priest complained because he was tired and had no time for rest, happiness and peace and people were dying in large number.

What is the subject matter of The Ballad of Father Gilligan?

The two central themes of the poem “The Ballad of Father Gilligan” are the tremendous stresses a priest must face in Ireland during the Great Potato Famine, and the omnipresent help of a loving God.

Why did Father Gilligan kneel down when he heard the sick man’s wife say when you were gone?

“When you were gone, he turned and died. … In this stanza, the poet says that the sick man’s wife told Father Gilligan that her husband died a happy death after he had left. Hearing this, Father Gilligan knelt on the ground.

Why did Father Gilligan cry my body speak not I?

My body spake, not I,” meaning that it was due to his bodily exhaustion, and not because he did not wish to serve his people, that he had complained.

Why does the priest cry out Mavrone Mavrone?

‘ The priest expressed his grief by crying mavrone for he knew that man had died while he had slept in the chair. He woke up his horse from its sleep and rode in a rash manner by rocky lanes and fen. He reached the sick man’s home and the wife opened the door and exclaimed her surprise on seeing him again.

What was the reaction of Father Gilligan when he woke up from his deep sleep state why he felt so?

Father Gilligan understood that it was an Angel sent by God to do his duty. He was overwhelmed with gratitude, and joy at God’s love and magnanimity towards him. This is why, he knelt down and began to pray.

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