What was the main criticism of the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation quizlet?

What was a major criticism of the medieval catholic church during the reformation? Refused to tolerate opposing ideas about religion. What did Martin Luther’s 95 theses call for? What was a result of the protestant reformation in Europe?

What was the main criticism of the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation group of answer choices?

-Critics claimed that the church leaders were corrupt because the popes patronized the arts, spent money on personal pleasures, and fought wars. – Many popes were too busy with worldly affairs to be concerned with spiritual ones.

What were some of the complaints against the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation?

The sale of pardons or indulgences was unpopular. An indulgence provided a relaxation of penalties for sins people had committed. The idea that someone could pay for their sins with money made many Christians angry. These unpopular practices weakened the church, and people began calling for reform.

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What were the criticisms of the Catholic Church quizlet?

what were some of the criticisms of the Catholic Church before the reformation? Selling of indulgences, popes and priests were too extravagant and going against vows, poorly educated priests and corrupt leaders.

What were 3 reasons why Protestant reformers criticized the Catholic Church?

The main points of criticism were:

  • The Bible was only printed in Latin, and not in the local language. …
  • The church sold tickets of indulgences (forgiveness) from sins for money. …
  • Religious posts were often sold to whoever was willing to pay the most money for them, see Simony.

What was wrong with the Catholic Church in the 16th century?

In 1500 the Roman Catholic Church was all powerful in western Europe. There was no legal alternative. The Catholic Church jealously guarded its position and anybody who was deemed to have gone against the Catholic Church was labelled a heretic and burnt at the stake.

Which of the following was one of Luther’s criticisms of the church?

Luther came to reject several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money, proposing an academic discussion of the practice and efficacy of indulgences in his Ninety-five Theses of 1517.

How did the Catholic Church respond to corruption and criticisms?

How did the Catholic Church initially react to Luther’s 95 Theses? The Catholic Church responded by generating its own Reformation and Pope Pius IV appointed leaders to reform the church and he established the Jesuits (leader Ignatius of Loyola who founded the order of Jesuits a group of priests).

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Why did Martin Luther disagree with the Catholic Church?

Luther became increasingly angry about the clergy selling ‘indulgences’ – promised remission from punishments for sin, either for someone still living or for one who had died and was believed to be in purgatory. … Luther had come to believe that Christians are saved through faith and not through their own efforts.

What were the problems in the Catholic Church?

The problems of the Catholic Church most commonly mentioned by respondents are related to misbehaviour of priests and issues related to their sexuality. Over two-fifths of respondents (43%) consider cases of paedophilia among priests to be the biggest problem facing the Church.

What are the main Protestant critiques of the Catholic Church?

In this statement four major criticisms of Protestantism are im- plied: (1) Because the Reformers revolted from the Church and broke its unity, modern man, the Protestant man, has lost the sense of the Christian verities; (2) Protestantism is responsible for the crisis of modern civilization, especially in view of (3) …

Who criticized Catholic church?

Martin Luther was a seminal figure of the Protestant Reformation who strongly disputed the sale of indulgences. His Ninety-Five Theses criticized many of the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.

What were three of Martin Luther’s criticisms of his own church?

The Ninety-Five Theses By Martin Luther

There were many things that he criticized about the Church such as the power of the pope, the wealth of the church, and the purgatory.