Is Homestuck longer than the Bible?

Is Homestuck one of the longest?

Homestuck is one of the longest works in the English language, and the medium by which it was written can offer some challenges when you first begin reading it.

Is homestuck the longest piece of literature?

Explaining Homestuck is like that, but more so. Homestuck is very, very big. MS Paint Adventures is the longest webcomic out there, with more than 7,000 pages, so there is an intimidating body of work to get through…or, if you are an optimist, there is tons of stuff to enjoy.

What is the longest piece of literature in the world?

Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest is the longest piece of literature that you can read according in terms of word count. It may not be a traditionally-published book, but no one can deny the impressive feat that author Christian has undertaken with this massive fanfiction!

What is the longest work of fiction?

At about 3,400,000 words, Spirit of Redemption is the longest complete work of fiction ever written, almost six times as long as War and Peace, and about 1,400,000 words longer than Men of Good Will, the longest published novel ever written according to Wikipedia.

How long would it take to read homestuck?

If you were to read it for one hour a day at an average reading pace with perfect internet, it would take about 2 months. Realistically, it will take much longer. It takes me about an average of 4 months to read it fully.

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