Best answer: What happens when you hear the word of God?

What happens when we hear the word of God?

Amazing things can happen when we actively listen to God!

God promises that we can gain wisdom and understanding when we listen to Him. To listen to God, we must first be open and willing to receive His word. His words are alive and speak to us as we read the bible and pray. … God also speaks to us through other people.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word God?

When I think of the word God, I think that he is the source of all creation and is the answer for everything. He loves us so much that he sent his only Son down to save our sins. He continues to reveal himself everyday because he wants to have a loving relationship with us forever.

How do I know if I am hearing from God?

If you’re wondering if you’re hearing God’s voice or your own, ask yourself if the voice obsesses over problems, gossips, concerns itself with others’ hearts, never addresses the root of your questions, or contradicts Scripture. If the voice is hitting any of these points, you might be hearing your own voice instead.

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What does it mean when God gives you a word?

When God gives a word of knowledge, word of wisdom or a prophetic Word on healing, it becomes the Rhema that is filled with Spirit and life. The Rhema Word has within it, the spiritual seed that releases faith, life and power. Its fulfilment is accomplished through the operation of the Holy Spirit. …

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about God?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of God is, ‘The meaning of life is the God of love who is accessible to each and every person on Earth’.

How do you serve God with all your heart?

We can serve with our heart by showing love and kindness to others. We care about what others need. When we serve cheerfully, we are serving with our heart.

Why is God always on my mind?

God is an avatar like projection created in the individual human mind and is created as a reflection of your own psychological structure. It is you who are always in your mind. It is you who knows your every thought and who is omnipresent and omniscient in your own life.

Can God talk to you in your mind?

Whether we respond better to thoughts, feelings or other means, that is the way God will try to communicate with us. … God doesn’t use fear tactics, though he can sometimes be very direct in answers. When God speaks, we will feel it in our hearts and minds. He speaks in terms of peace, not anxiety.

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Why do I feel punished by God?

God doesn’t punish people. You feel like being punished because you feel guilty for your actions. Just because you feel down or have some difficulties in your live right now it doesn’t mean that you will always be this way.

Does God speak to us in dreams?

Our dreams are only one way in which the Lord speaks to us directly as believers. The primary way He speaks is through His Word. … So, you had a dream or vision. You have prayed and sought and received confirmation from the Holy Spirit.

What is the spoken word of God?

There is great power in the spoken word of God. Words have power when they are God’s words spoken in faith through your lips. … He quoted the Scriptures (so should we), because the bible is the word of God.

Does God have a word for me?

God’s “letter” is for me too—not based on my nationality or amount of wisdom. It is for me because God loves me and calls me to belong to him in Jesus. Here’s what this means: If I lean toward the foolish end, God’s Word is for me. If I am already wise and seasoned, God’s Word is for me.

What is the written word of God called?

Rhema and Logos are Greek words that have been literally translated as word on the New Testament. Both these words as they have been translated roughly as word or the speech of God. … Logos as a concept in Greek means a written word.

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