Best answer: What are the Church Council documents?

What are the Church documents?

Papal Encyclicals

  • Rerum Novarum (On Capital and Labor) …
  • Quadragesimo Anno (After Forty Years) – On Reconstruction of the Social Order. …
  • Mater et Magistra (On Christianity and Social Progress) …
  • Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) …
  • Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples) …
  • Laborem Exercens (On Human Work)

What are the two major documents of the church called?

Four constitutions: Sacrosanctum Concilium (Sacred Liturgy) Lumen gentium (The Church) Dei verbum (Divine Revelation)

What are the 16 documents of Vatican 2 for?

The results of the Vatican II deliberations were 16 documents, the ideas from which have effected every aspect of faith and practice in the Roman Catholic Church.

How many documents did the Second Vatican Council produce?

The work of the council continued under Pope John’s successor, Paul VI, and sessions were convened each autumn until the work of the council was completed on December 8, 1965. Sixteen documents were enacted by the council fathers.

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What are the social documents?

The term social document is understood broadly in the present paper. It refers to any recorded language of interest to social scientists. It may. consist of written language in the form of handwriting, typewriting, printing or any other type of mechanical reproduction or it may consist.

Is an encyclical a church document?

encyclical, pastoral letter written by the pope for the whole Roman Catholic church on matters of doctrine, morals, or discipline.

What are the 5 images of the church?

list 5 images/descriptions of the church

  • Bride of Christ.
  • Holy People of God.
  • Seed of the Kingdom.
  • Pilgrim People.
  • Sign and Sacrament of the Reign of God.
  • Sacrament of Salvation.
  • Sign and Instrument of Communion with God.
  • Mystical Body of Christ.

What is the document of the Second Vatican Council that explains the origin of the church?

Lumen gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, is one of the principal documents of the Second Vatican Council. This dogmatic constitution was promulgated by Pope Paul VI on 21 November 1964, following approval by the assembled bishops by a vote of 2,151 to 5.

Why was the Vatican 2 called?

Fifty years ago, Pope John XXIII shocked the world when he created the Second Vatican Council. Known as Vatican II, the council called thousands of bishops and other religious leaders to the Vatican, where they forged a new set of operating principles for the Roman Catholic Church.

What are the 14 Vatican II documents?

Online Documents of the Second Vatican Council

  • Constitution: Dei Verbum.
  • Constitution: Lumen Gentium.
  • Constitution: Sacrosanctum Concilium.
  • Constitution: Gaudium et Spes.
  • Declaration: Gravissimum Educationis.
  • Declaration: Nostra Aetate.
  • Declaration: Dignitatis Humanae.
  • Decree: Ad Gentes.
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What are the 4 Constitutions of Vatican II?

Four key documents were the result of the council.

  • Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)
  • Lumen gentium (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church)
  • Dei verbum (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation)
  • Gaudium et spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World)

What is the Decree of Ecumenism?

The decree states that ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians ‘“’must start with a discussion of the application of the Gospel to moral conduct” since nonCatholic Christians do not always accept the same solutions to difficult modern problems, but do share the Catholic desire “to stand by the …

How many Vatican documents are there?

There are at least five English translations of the sixteen documents; in addition there are other English translations of individual documents. The variety of ways in which the documents have been dealt with by translators shows the necessity of referring to the authoritative Latin text.

What was the name of the document which translates as Church in the Modern World ‘?

The ecumenical constitution created by the Second Vatican Council focused on the role of the church within the modern world. It was the last document promulgated during the Second Vatican Council and the first church document to place the church within the significance of the world.

What is the difference between Vatican 1 and Vatican 2?

Both Vatican 1 and 2 produced many documents that were in fact re stated documents drawn from ancient doctrines of the church, which is the depository of the faith. Vatican 2 was longer and produced more documents ostensibly because Christian population had increased manifold by the time it took place (1963-65).

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