By Jarlath Uche Opara
JesusLife is all about vision, mission and accomplishments. Our creation was not a cosmic bang, neither was it as a result of an alignment of some cosmic forces. It was also far from an evolutionary process, but more of a creative pattern of God with an inbuilt purpose for each life to accomplish.

Over time, I have watched with shock and dismay the obvious derailment of such a life in search of material things, fame and recognition etc. These tripartite factors have obviously doled out lethal blows to our image, relationship with God and of course the purpose of our existence.

I have equally watched with despair the re-launching of the very antics used on Jesus on the mountain by the devil before the beginning of his ministry. The antics have not changed, what obviously has changed is the packaging and the advertising fineness, while the content, mission and end result are same; shifting our attention from him who gives life to him who kills and deceives, who usually comes with glamour, painted in gold, decorated with emerald, glitters and glisten in an amazing way but the hidden and undisclosed trap life sniffing.

Our space recently have been saturated with a lot of avenues to quick wealth, so inducing and alluring that one finds it a hard task  taking  ones face and attention off them, even at the expense of one’s  core values and beliefs. The way and manner such networking businesses are springing up are no different from the way and manner churches are coming up by day, at every turn, different intentions, motives and drive  a times without any spiritual intention. As these networking continue to spring up, people continued to troop in with energy, passion and commitment that they have never brought to bear in their religious life. They talk about it with the conviction and assurance that make one cave in even when it appears by reason and financial principles to be like money doubling.

Many have got an amazing down lines for their networking business, great and wonderful up line that they look up to for direction, while no single soul can be credited to their down line in Christian mentorship. Many have equally organized workshops, seminars, powerful presentations to recruit members to their down lines; while they have never in their entire life organized such to harvest souls.  Their face book and WhatSapp wall have become a place to advertise networks but not for the spreading of the gospel. The strength and energy with which they talk about their products, the amazing result and affect it guarantee  and the jumbo benefits inherent in them, if half of such energy and enthusiasm is put in the spread of the gospel, our world would  be a better place to be.

Life is all about balance; it is all about finding out the real purpose and pursuing it with all you have. As we get involved with our networking, we should bring caution to bear to avoid stepping with our eyes wide open into landmines laid by the devil. It may sound good, it may appear so real, it may look fantastic, but the inherent intention may be skewed, shrouded with a lot of unimaginable things. Not all open doors are good and safe to access.

The economic recession in our country is not helping matters either. There is an obvious crave for financial independence, being able to pull ones self by ones shoe string and picking ones bill as at when due. When a man becomes down and dusted, despaired and visionless on what the future holds financially, anything at that stage goes, once the assurance   of making money is guaranteed.  I am not very much out to preach on this  but the truth is, our financial freedom is very much assured when we continue to seek the kingdom of God first, dedicatedly, with conviction, every other thing is sure to be added to us.
We should as a matter of urgency try to redirect our focus, drive and interest. We are obviously getting our priority wrong. We may be running on a wrong lane with strength and power without knowing. Let us retreat, recollect, reassess, reconsider, re-examine and reposition our priorities, making God and his words our first priority. Just a thought!!

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