Fr. OjeifoAfter seeing the video of Pastor Benny Hinn's sermon on the efficacy of Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, I had to literally hold my breath. You mean this popular international Pentecostal televangelist has this deep faith in the Holy Communion in our Church? Well, if you're a Catholic and you're jumping from church to church searching for miracles, signs and wonders and prosperity, you've got to rethink seriously. There's great stuff going on in your Church. The Holy Communion is the most powerful thing in the world. Ask God to open your eyes to see. For those of us who are devoted 'daily-communion-chopping' Catholics, pray to God never to allow your familiarity with the Body and Blood of Jesus to breed contempt. This is not a time for vain boast, pride, self-conceit or self-flagellation. It is a time to realistically do a major examination of conscience.

Just read some excerpts of Pastor Benny Hinn's sermon below. As one priest said to me, "Benny Hinn has finished the work for us."

"They just released a study that many people are healed in Catholic churches than Pentecostal churches. That's an absolute fact. Studies have proven it. Because Catholic people revere the Eucharist. More people get healed in a Catholic church during Communion than Pentecostals during church attendance or communion. Because to us, it is symbolic. But Jesus didn't say, 'This is symbolic of my body.' He said, 'This is my body.' He didn't say, 'This is my symbolic blood.' He said, 'This is my blood.' I believe it and I tell you: in the spirit it is his body, in the spirit it is his blood. So you revere it. So there is healing in Communion. Absolutely. There is healing in the Catholic Church because these people are devoted and they show up every Sunday. They don't church-hop. We hop. They don't. That's why when they are sick many of them are healed. I mean miraculous, powerful stuff going on in those churches, Catholic churches."

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