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AdventAdvent is the beginning of the Church Calendar Year and a period of preparation, otherwise called parousia or adventus which in Greek and Latin respectively means coming. Sharing my reflection on Advent; the church is reminding us in strong terms that Christ is coming the second time to open the judgment book upon every soul, irrespective of status (rich, poor, language, tribe, color and position). In this inevitable revelation of christ, the church cries out pointing particularly to each of us to prepare ourselves for this great day.  This period of expectant of Royal and Powerful persons (Christ) is a period of prayer. Giving self-credit, self-justification and praise in any pattern of good life each of us lives is dangerous to the soul. When Christ is revealed, he gives pass mark to those who are worthy. This is because He knows those who are truly His. Giving self-pass mark before the day is irrelevant. Human judgment could be deceptive. We are called in humility to give up all vices and welcome Christ in our individual lives to rule over us.  Ugwu Emma Richard

The death has occurred of Very Rev Fr. Professor Alexander Nzemeke. He died in the early hours of Tuesday November 15th, 2016. Aged 82, A statement from the Director of Communications, Issele-Uku Diocese, Rev. Fr. Charles Uganwa said Rev. Fr. Nzemeke was the oldest priest of the Catholic Diocese of Issele-Uku, Nigeria. Born on September 28, 1934 and ordained Catholic priest on 8th January 1961the late Fr. Nzemeke had worked in many parishes and held leadership positions in the local Church and also taught for many years in the University of Benin City where he was made a professor of History.

Rev Fr. Professor Alexander Nzemeke will be buried at the priest Cemetery at Issele-Uku after a funeral Mass in St Paul’s Cathedral, Issele -Uku on 1st December, 2016 at 10 am. The statement further invited the faithful to attend the funeral.


Rev Fr. Charles Uganwa, Director of Communications Issele-Uku Diocese