As a way of responding to the three pillars that the Catholic faithful are encouraged to observe during the Lenten period, members of staff at Malawi’s Catholic Secretariat this Thursday took time off their busy schedule to interact with children at Tikondane Care for Children Centre in the capital, Lilongwe.
During the visit, members of staff participated in the Holy Eucharist along with the children and later donated assorted items including a refrigerator, bags of Maize, Beans, Rice and bales of Sugar.
During the Season of Lent, Catholics strive to observe periods of fasting; try to lead a more prayerful life and at the same time share what they have with those most in need.
“It is for this reason that we, members of staff at the Catholic Secretariat decided to come here and of course to fulfill two of our obligations as Catholics which are: Praying along with you and at the same time sharing with you the little that we have,” said Fr. Regis Kamera, Deputy Secretary General for ECM.
He said management and staff at the Catholic Secretariat understand the numerous challenges the Tikondane Centre is facing.
“I would like to encourage you, Sisters and members of staff here, that you continue looking after these children. Love and care for them, because these are the future leaders of the Church and the nation at large, “said Fr. Kamera who is also the Director of ECM’s Pastoral Commission.
Earlier, during the Mass, ECM’s National Communications and Research Secretary, Fr. Godino Phokoso stressed the need to value life as a gift from God. He said children including those on the street as well as orphans ought to be protected as they are the image of God.
“We are all children of God. No matter how and what circumstances we face (in life). The bottom line should be to love one another and share the little resources that we have. In so doing, we demonstrate the value of life,” said Fr. Phokoso.
For her part, Sister Anna Massawe, Project Coordinator at the children’s home commended Catholic Secretariat members of staff for their donation which she said was timely because the centre is facing many problems.
She challenged well-wishers including individuals, the private and public sector in Malawi to emulate the kind gesture demonstrated by members of the Catholic Secretariat.
“Let me sincerely thank you all for thinking about our children here. You may wish to know that this is a street children’s transit centre where we keep children on a daily basis before we send them to schools and various houses. We face a lot of challenges,” said Sister Massawe.
Tikondane Care for Children Centre is a project of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA). The Sisters started the centre in 1997 in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Lilongwe.
(Prince Henderson in Malawi)

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