By Ngunan Yaro

The Parish Priest, SS Peter and Paul Parish, Nyanya, Very Rev Fr. Francis Kale has cautioned parents on the dangers of allowing their children and wards dress irresponsibly to Church in the name of fashion.

He said, “you parents have failed to teach your children to distinguish between right and wrong; yet you ask what the Church is doing about indecent dressing. Who is the Church? Is it not you and I that make the Church? If you fail to discipline your children, don’t blame anybody.

The Priest advised the parents to distinguish between dresses that are meant to be used for every occasion and be mindful that club wears are different from Church wears.

He reiterated that even the Bible advises that “you should not spare the rod and spoil your child”.

Expressing worry over some parents who have failed in their responsibility to give proper attention to the upbringing of their children, Fr. Kale said, “it is a big shame that parents no longer train their children in the ways of the Lord”.

He called on parents to collaborate with teachers to raise responsible future leaders of the Church as well as the society even as he advocated that parents should commend teachers for the discipline of their children, rather than insulting or fighting them for assisting them in doing so.

The Clergyman also urged the faithful to endeavor to be part of the building of the Cathedral of 12 Apostles; a project he said His Eminence, John Cardinal Onaiyekan holds in high esteem and wishes to complete before his retirement.

“Our dream is coming to a reality and we thank God for the wisdom of our Chief Shepherd situating his Cathedral not just on the Holy ground but the best location for a cathedral of that magnitude,” he said.

He maintained that all activities on the 28th January (day of the ground-breaking ceremony) were put off to give priority for the actualization of the Cathedral; a plan he said began since the era of His Eminence, Dominic Cardinal Ekandem of Blessed Memory.

He commended all the faithful, their friends and loved ones for being part of the milestone, adding that, “yes by His grace, we can build the Cathedral; there is no impossibility with God and this is His own project. In fact it has been long overdue but this is the Lord’s appointed time”.  

Appealing to all the Parishioners of SS Peter and Paul, Nyanya to go out in their numbers to donate their widows might to the course of building a befitting Cathedral for the seat of Abuja Local Ordinary; Fr. Kale disclosed that the parish had made buses available to those who did not have transport to attend the event.

The parish priest counseled Nigerians to be creative, careful and avoid lazy attitudes, adding that faith must be backed with action.

Speaking on security challenges, he observed that security consciousness should never be taken for granted by anyone.

Fr. Kale prohibited the use of mobile phones at the Church premises and frowned particularly against those that chat during Mass instead of paying attention to God’s message.

He therefore advised parishioners to be careful about associating with strange persons cautioning that though Sambisa forest may have been captured, the missing Boko Haram members still remain an issue of grave concern to Nigerians.          

During the homily Rev. Matthew Onyilo reminded the faithful about the message of Prophet Isaiah encouraging them to be faithful, steadfast, hopeful, consistence and persevering in good works.

The parish also unfolded plains for her group wedding scheduled for the 11th of February, 2017 and advised that marriage classes are mandatory for intending couples.

Parents whose infants are to be baptized as well as their sponsors were equally encouraged to attend catechism classes as a compulsory requirement to qualify for the exercise.

Parishioners were further reminded of the need to support the 2017 Ordination ceremony; particularly as they have a target that requires financial commitment. 

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