By Anacletus Anyanwuocha

Against the backdrop of unending spate of human killings in Nigeria; occasioned by kidnapping, armed robbery, religious intolerance and the frightening cattle herdsmen’s bloody assault in different parts of the country, Nigerians have been urged to respect the sanctity of human life.

Director of Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Alumuku made this call recently in a homily at a Mass for the staff of his Department in Abuja. Drawing lesson from the Holy Gospel according to Mark 5: 1-20, where Jesus saved the life of a demoniac who had a legion of evil spirits possessing him and forced them into swine that later got drowned in a river, the priest underlined the fact that the life of the man, though possessed by a legion of evil spirits, was still very important in God’s reckoning, hence Jesus sacrificed the thousands of pigs around in order to save his life.

He added that every life whether small of big; young or old is dear to God and must be respected as such.

“How many cows are worth the life of one person that is killed by the so-called Fulani herdsmen? And these killings have allegedly gone on in many parts of the country but government needs to do more than it is doing to stem the tide of daily carnage that has become the lot of the country,” Fr. Alumuku appealed.

He maintained that every life created by God is sacred and that nobody has the right to waste life; ranging from the unborn child to adulthood; no matter the age. He therefore advised every Nigeria in both public and private lives to demonstrate love and respect for the sanctity of the human person in whatever they do since, according to him, everybody is important and equal before God the creator. 

“The primary responsibility of government is the protection of life and property of the citizenry in whose sovereignty their political power reside. Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim we all must respect rule of respect to sanctity of life and work for the common good of all, he said.

Many political observers have serially condemned the unrestricted invasion of the Nigerian territorial pace by the so-called cattle herdsmen including other bandits into Nigeria from other neighbouring countries, a situation they blame on security lapses and lack of political will by government to fix the problem. 

Many states in Nigeria that have fallen victim of this dangerous development include; North West and North Eastern parts of the country, the North Central, the South-East and South-Western parts of Nigeria, forcing many to ponder if government still remembers its major constitutional mandate of protecting lives and property of the citizenry. 

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