Expressing pain and rejection for US President Donald Trumps’ decision to erect a wall on the US/Mexico border, the Catholic Bishops of Mexico have respectfully invited the US administration “to reflect more deeply on the ways in which security, development, activation of employment and other necessary and fair measures can be pursued without causing further damage than those already suffered by the poorest and most vulnerable persons”.

In a statement published by the Mexican Episcopal Conference (CEM), the Bishops point out that for over 20 years they have been working together with their brother Bishops of the southern border of the United States in order to give the best attention “to the faithful who live in the two brother countries”.  

“The first thing that hurts us is that many people who live their relationship of family, faith, work or friendship, will be blocked by this inhuman interference” the statement says.

The Mexican Bishops join their thoughts and feelings to what was expressed by Bishop Joe Vasquez, President of the Committee of Migration of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), who stated:

"I feel discouraged because the President (Donald Trump) has set as a priority the construction of a wall on our border with Mexico, which will make the lives of immigrants unnecessarily endangered. In addition, the construction of such wall destabilizes many communities, full of life and beautifully interconnected, that coexist peacefully along the border. Instead of building walls, at this moment, my fellow bishops and I will continue to act under the example of Pope Francis. We want to build bridges between people, bridges that allow us to break the walls of exclusion and exploitation."

The Mexican Bishops assure their continued support for those who are in transit through our country, towards the United States and call for dialogue and agreements that safeguard dignity and respect for people.

Expressing respect for the right of the United States government to care for its borders and its citizens, they disagree that “a rigorous and intensive application of the law is the way to achieve those objectives; on the contrary, these actions generate alarm and fear among immigrants, disintegrating many families without further consideration”.

Source: Vatican Radio

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