By Felix Nwaeseni
St. Mary’s Karu“The world is in need of miracles but miracles don’t just happen. They are acts of God occasioned by unshakable faith. He has removed from me shame and reproach. Today all frustrations due to bareness have obeyed and bowed to the superior force of the Almighty and to him be all the glory and praise.  I’m now a complete woman, wife and indeed mother. I thank Him for wiping away my tears.”

These were the alleluia words of Mrs. Rosemary Odoh mother of the miracle baby boy Peter Oche Ondugba Odoh in praise of God over the gift of a long awaited child. Peter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix Odoh after twenty long years of marriage, having wedded at St Mary’s Parish Karu Abuja on the 6th of November 1996.

The great event gathered members of the SS Peter and Paul Idoma Catholic Community in Abuja and the Edumoge/Omlokpo Idoma Women of Benue state, including many friends and well-wishers to join the happy family and parishioners of St May’s Karu, for an epoch family thanksgiving and child presentation to the alter of the most high God. A thanksgiving mass, Mrs. Odoh would say has rejuvenated the joy of their wedding.

In his homily, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Uche Umechikelu, MSP enjoined the Faithful to rejoice because the night of long pilgrimage to God’s eternal city of peace will soon be fruitful; adding that the reign of peace is close at hand. The people of God should therefore wake up and be ready to receive Christ into their lives, businesses, families, neighborhoods, communities and nation. According to the Cleric, Apostle Paul has announced clearly to us about the closeness of the Saviour and Prince of Peace thus; “Our salvation is even nearer than He was when we were converted,” The Apostle he continued also reminds Christians that, “The time has come. It is not earthly time, but God’s own appointed time to save His people and restore peace to all troubled hearts, families, businesses and nations. “Let us live decently as people do in day time, no warring or jealousy. Let your amour be the Lord Jesus Christ,” the priest appealed.

Fr. Umechikelu said, “This is a season of great awakening, preparation and of expectation of the birth of the Messiah. A season of prayer when all Christians must turn to God and a season that will definitely culminate in an outburst of great joy.” He prayed God to restore peace to peoples’ homes, workplaces and neigbourhoods.”

The baby Peter’s Mother, Rosemary Odoh, told this medium shortly after the Mass that she suffered untold psychological depression no woman would want to go through for over nineteen years. Mrs. Odoh revealed, “God has suddenly made life easy for me. I feel very relieved now and psychologically empowered with deep sense of belonging. So motherhood also fits me!” she exclaimed with smiles and joy.

The occasion was particularly interesting as the Bride’s mother and the infant Peter’s maternal grandmother, Mrs. Alice John Ejembi busted out singing and dancing to God with all their heart and body. “I feel I could put all my ecstasy and gratitude into these dance steps I hadn’t the opportunity of performing shortly after my daughter’s wedding when I was twenty years younger,” Mrs. Ejembi said.

Father of the new baby Peter, Mr. Felix Odoh, revealed that in the peak of their expectations, they had listened, shared and analyzed experiences from different schools of thought and individuals with varying perspectives in an attempt to determine what should be done to overcome the situation. “I thank God for the grace to be patient. At one private hospital in Jabi, the Doctor had told me I could only have a child by miracle! Also at a point, some self-acclaimed fertility experts asked me to urinate and drink my urine. In the midst of all these, friends and neighbours were even angry with me when I refused. It was a terrible situation that is not good to happen to anybody. My faith was really tested and stretched beyond limit, but I thank God for perseverance.” Mr. Odoh who is a staff of in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation noted thus, “At a point I also imagined that if God knew the situation was as terrible as it appeared, he would never have sanctified the marriage. But so long as He has brought us together He would not abandon us. This is why I was confident He could still do something as God that he is. I was born a catholic and will die a catholic and we lack the words to thank the Lord. I wish above all things that Peter shall prosper in fear of the Lord, in good health and every human development. May he prosper, he prayed, announcing Peter’s other names as Oche (King) and Ondugbe (God is great).

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