By Felix Nwaeseni

Board of Lectors Members of the Board of Lectors, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Karu, FCT Abuja, recently embarked on a charity visit to Rachael’s Orphanage Home in the Kurudu District of the FCT-Abuja. The visit brought smiles to the faces of children in the Home. The board of lectors donated assorted foods and non-food materials for the up-keep of the inmates of the Home.

In an opening remark during the visit, President of the group Bro. Vincent Okeke who spoke on behalf of the Lectors on arrival at the Home, revealed that the Lector’s upon extensive deliberations resolved to visit the Orphanage as the most solemn place to do their special devotion to Christ in this season of Advent. He prayed that their visit to the children might be a blessing in the sight of God. Welcoming the Lectors, the Proprietor of the Home, Mrs. Rachel Alaje thanked the group and prayed to God that their labour of love for the needy children would not be in vain.

In a brief reflection by Bro. Peter Paul who dwelt on the imperatives of caring for every child, said there was a general persuasion at the visit that every child if properly protected and taken care of has the potential to be a development agent. They could equally be societal change vanguard for the future; hence their protection and development rights remain critical at all levels. The Lectors Welfare Officer, Sis. Philomena Ilefa swiftly imparted on the children, the five magic words namely “please; excuse me; pardon me; I’m sorry; thank you; and pardon me. Any child who imbibes these five ethical words will remain a powerful winner of great affections and favours from any humane society,” she revealed.   

Another Sister, Livina Osondu advised the Homes Proprietor to ensure that adoption applications and approval are done under most stringent screening conditions, so that the children do not end up in wrong hands. The Lectors Vice President, Bro Christian Nwaichetta also appealed to the government to ensure that registered Orphanages and other viable child care institutions are not short-changed in social security assistance from the appropriate agencies.

Responding with profound gratitude the Orphanage Home’s Proprietor, Mrs. Rachel Alaje told the Good Shepherd Newspaper that the Home established since 1990, is now 26 years old. Ten of its children are University and Polytechnic graduates, out of which six are now happily married.

Mrs. Alaje disclosed that presently, six of the children are in tertiary institutions while fourteen are in secondary schools. Infants of 0-2 years old are twelve in number while the Home’s staff strength including nannies, cleaners and security officers are twelve. The total number of the children presently in the Orphanage is fifty-seven, she revealed. Mrs. Rachel Alaje also disclosed that those who wish to offer assistance in the areas of; school fees, food, hospital bills, soup ingredients, infant formulas (baby milk) sweaters, baby wears and pampers,  can reach them through Mrs. Alaje  on 08077215321.

She invited all to attend the Children’s Christmas Carol, fixed for 18th December, 2016 by 4 p.m. at the Orphanage home. The visit was rounded up with prayers and vote of thanks by the children led by Rachael Lawrence and John Aricha, while the Lectors entrusted the Home and the care-givers of the children to Divine Providence.

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