By Felicia Abaagu
Knights of St. Mulumba, Metropolitan CouncilMembers of the Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Metropolitan Council have inaugurated a new executive to pioneer their affairs for the next three years.
The inauguration ceremony took place at the Catholic Church of Assumption, Asokoro, Abuja recently after a thanksgiving Mass.

Speaking at the inaugural Mass, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese and Parish Priest, St. Luke’s Parish, Kubwa, Very Rev Fr. Innocent Jooji who is also the Chaplain of the group congratulated the new officers and advised them to be good ambassadors of the church.

In his homily he said the mercy of God which has kept them alive to witness the end of the Liturgical Year C is still open even as the door of the Extra Ordinary Year of Mercy is closed.

He urged them to seize the opportunity of the Mercy of God to forgive those who offended them and to also be open to accept forgiveness from those who ask for forgiveness.

Speaking with the new Metro Grand Knight, Brother Ignatius I. Adaji (KSM, KSS, OON, mni) who was re-elected together with his entire team except that of the Metro Advocate, he said his team will continue to do the good work they have been doing in the Metropolitan Council.

Asked about their roadmap, he said so far they have organized train the trainer’s seminars and workshops for some sub-council to know what they are supposed to be doing.

He also said in order to have a guide on what they do under the constitution of the KSM, the group have published and got approval for their own by-laws which is being distributed to the members.

He added that, their journey from the beginning including their challenges was published in a book titled: Abuja Metropolitan Council Since Inception: A Compendium of the activities of the Abuja Metropolitan Council which was launched during the meeting.

This according to him was to avail the members the opportunity to know how the Metropolitan Council came into being.

Commenting on the progress of the Abuja Metropolitan Council, he said only recently, the number of the Metro Council was increased from 24 sub-councils when he first came on board to 26.

These according to him includes Abuja zone which covers eight sub-councils, Makurdi eight, Idah four, Gboko seven adding that they holds their meetings quarterly in these zones.

He regretted that the economic recession posed a challenged in their efforts to help the church and the less privileged the way they planned since some councils now find it difficult to meet the budget they run.

Brother Adaji reiterated that the economic hardship, however, will not deter the good work that members of the KSM are poise to do to help the church as they utilize their three Ts of Talent, Treasure and Time even as he regretted that some of the members are retirees whose pensions are not forthcoming and described as criminal to withhold ones wages.

“It is criminal to withhold wages of people who spent their entire life working for you just as it is wrong to steal from the working hours of your employee”, he said, and expressed the hope that the government will find a permanent solution to pensioners problem soon.  

Commenting on the current situation in the country, he said no one would like to invest in a country which has security challenges and emphasized a true roadmap to ending the numerous challenges that have bedeviled the nation.      

He concluded by advising the youth to put in their best in whatever they set out to do and to put God first saying “be hard working, don’t steal your employer’s time nor put yourselves in a place you do not belong”.

The occasion thereafter witnessed the presentation of the book titled above by the Abuja Council Grand Knight, Frank Odafen.  

In reviewing the book, the pioneer Metro Grand Knight, Brother Fidelis Ndiokwelu said the book apart from being a contributive literature on the knighthood was a well-researched work that provided ready material for the enhancement of the knowledge of both the young and old.

He said a lot of details and emphasis were given on why the knighthood developed in the world during the early days and why Monk Anselm Ojefua took the stage in travelling in risky areas to found the Order of the Knighthood in Nigeria.

The Author of the book, Brother Frank O. Ogbeche thanked the Metro Grand Knight and his Exco for the opportunity to write a compendium which he believes has added to the literature of the Order.

He stressed that he cannot lay claim that he has done a conclusive work on the activities, projects and programmes of the metro Council and invited others to build on the foundation he has laid.

Brother Ogbeche, however, took responsibility for whatever lapses in the work saying “it is hoped that whatever inadequacies, shortfalls, inaccuracies and inappropriateness observed in this book can be substantiated and corrected by other work in the future”.

The officers that were inaugurated included: Bro. Ignatius I. Adaji as The Metro Grand Knight, Bro. Clement K. Uganden as the Deputy Metro Grand Knight and Bro. John A. Gbargbar as the Metro Secretary.

Others include Joseph K. Ode as the Metro Advocate, Bro. Michael Aule as the Metro Chancellor, Bro. Francis N. Asor as the Metro Treasurer, Bro. Andrew O. Okoh as the Metro Financial Secretary, Bro. Mathias F. Ogwu as the Metro Auditor, Bro. Aloysius O. Ebedi as the Metro Physician and Bro. Frank O. Ogbeche as the Metro Public Relations Officer, PRO.  

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