By Tony Abah

The proposed church building of the catholic church of the Archangels Parish Durumi/ Gaduwa AbujaThe catholic Arch Bishop of Abuja Metropolitan See, his Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan has called on Christians to always feel proud to be part of building a befitting place of worship for God whenever they have the opportunity to do so. Onaiyekan made this call recently during the groundbreaking/ foundation laying ceremony of the Catholic Church of the Archangels Parish Durumi/Gaduwa Abuja.

According to him, as Christians, we should not be tired of contributing to the development of the church of God because it is our own way of saying thank you to God for all the numerous blessing he has bestowed on us. “ when the federal capital territory moved to Abuja, Nigerians troupe into Abuja to invest in the city and then population continue to grow and  the church has no choice but to grow and that is why we are establishing new parishes every day, and when there is a new parish we need a new parish house and the people of God gather like we are gathered here now for the foundation laying ceremony of the Catholic Church of the Archangels parish today to donate for the church building, even though we are in recession the people of God sees that it is a good investment to put some money down to build a befitting place of worship for our God where we can meet fellow believers to pray together and pray for our nation. We pray that God will bless everyone who has been contributing to what is happening here today”

He added that thanksgiving is very important in our daily lives stating that we must be grateful to God for what he as we give we should be proud of that by giving thanks to the does for us. “ it’s good to be grateful even for we human beings if somebody does something for us and we are not grateful the person will not be happy, when you do something great for someone instead of saying thank you , he taps you at the back and that is painful. Even in the bible Jesus shows that he needs to be thanked when he gave us the story of the ten lepers after curing all the ten of them, only one came back to say thank you Jesus and Jesus said I thought It was ten lepers that was cured, where are the remaining nine? This shows that even God needs us to be grateful to him, like the local adage in Yoruba that says if you are grateful to God he will do more. Our gratitude to God is an expression of our dependent on him, for us to succeed we must cultivate the habit of been grateful to God that is why every year we celebrate harvest to show our gratitude to God”

In his Homily, the visiting priest Rev. Fr. Paulinus Nwachukwu stated that to build for the lord is one of the spiritual activities that we can do as Christians, it is our kingdom responsibility to build a befitting place of worship for God. “today is an unforgettable day in the life of the Archangels parish as we lay the foundation for the church building, my message to the parishioners is that they should work hard to complete the church project that they have started, I encourage all the parishioners to have faith in God and believe that God will provide the resources that will be used to complete the project as soon as possible”

According to the parish priest Rev. Fr. Ambrose Anene the foundation laying / ground breaking of the church of the Archangels Parish is like a dream come true for parishioners. “For a long time parishioners have been yearning for a befitting place of worship for God and we bless God that today we are laying the foundation stone for the church building. I want to use this opportunity to thank the Cardinal for all his supports and encouragement for us to build the church, we also what to thank all the parishioners for all their support so far and pray that God will continue to bless them all”

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