Lent is the beginning of fasting (generally) in Christendom. Lent is the period in the Christian church, of forty days beginning from ASH WEDNESDAY to the day before Easter, during which some Christians give up food or activities that they enjoy in memory of Christ’s suffering. Lent begins the journey (desert crossing) of Christians unto Easter, in imitation of their Lord and Saviours, Jesus Christ (Matt 4.2).

Lent is a period of intense fasting, self-denial, of abstinence, of mortification, of sober reflections; refrain from materialism, abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, of fast from heavy meals, etc. lent is a period of purification and enlightenment (illumination). It is the final stage for those candidates called catechumens who are to be baptized during Easter.

Lent begins on ASH WEDNESDAY: the ashes used on this day come from the branches blessed from the preceding year’s Passion (Palm) Sunday – to show that we are sinners and that from dust we come, and to dust we will return. When they wrong others in ancient days, they put on sack clothes and rub themselves with ashes to show penitence.

Penitence is an essential part of the Christian life. We are in constant need of mercy and forgiveness of God. On this day (Ash-Wednesday) we express this by taking part in an impressive corporal act of penitence and reconciliation, beseeching God for the grace to use with profit the ‘favorable time’ of preparation for the celebration of Christ’s Passover feast.

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